Gift Giving for Couples

Compliments to
Compliments to

Yes, the season to be happy, cheerful, gald and every other words in the Webster’s Dictionary that defines merry has finally arrive. Everybody is having a time of their life from left and right X-mas parties from their friends, company parties, and other gatherings with in the season.

But we always save the best for last. We always give something extra to our belove other half. Who had stick with us in sickness and health. Who’s always ready to give us a helping hand. Yes, I talking to all the MEN out there. Whether she is already your wife or just becoming steady. Be very, very careful this holiday. Especially choosing your special GIFT. Even though she clearly stated that she wanted nothing just to be with you on X-mas day. WRONG…

Everybody wants to have something! Especially this season!

Before buying her a gift. Think hard! They have groomed you all year long for what they want. You are just to stubborn not to realize it. They don’t want a broiler or a vacuum for X-mas. They want something special.

So start thinking, they have given you clues all year long. Or it might have just a few months ago. It may be a perfume, a nifty gadget or a sexy pair of stocking. You don’t need a special advice to buy her the perfect gift this season. If your are picking a gift ask yourself is this:

  • Utilitarian;
  • Unromantic;
  • or just plain Ugly

And, in many cases, more suitable for a man, or a cleaning woman, than the love of your life. Then just leave it and look for something else.

The problem with us MEN, we are to stubborn to be more romantic after the courtship period.

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