Keeping my kids healthy

In every generation, there is always a comparison on how they were back then and how we are now. But the common factor is how we take care of our kids. It maybe different in some ways but it is still the same.

Have enough sleep

I always tell my kids to sleep early so that they will enough time to rest their body for another busy school day. 8 hours of sleep is a must for growing kids. This will help their body to grow strong and develop more faster and better.

I sometimes will lay down a ‘banig‘ in our sala and join them in a short nap in the afternoon. Having enough sleep will regain loss energy and strength. It will keep them energize and active the whole day.

Exercise and fun time

Playtime is the best form of exercise for kids. Thats why I will always encourage then to play in the yard and we will go to the neighborhood playground. So that they can play with other kids in the neighborhood.

This will help them develop their mind, muscles and camaraderie among other kids.

Have a balance diet

Having to eat a balance diet is really hard this time. But I always try to have green vegetables, fresh fruits, fish and meat on the menu for the week. So that they will have the proper amount of nutrients, minerals and protein that their growing bodies need.


I also give them supplements everyday for added protection. It’s always safe to be ready and prepared. Vitamin C is a must to protect from flu and colds. Also to boost their immune system.


Here is a great site to visit to give more information on how to take care of your kids. The

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