Philips Cinema 21:9 Cinema in your own Home

Techies and gadget geeks the world over are all abuzz over the visual juggernaut that Philips recently unveiled to the public—the Cinema 21:9.

The first time I saw the Philips Cinema 21:9 at the CEL Manila LIVE. I was amaze and I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Everything was so clear and the pictures are perfect. I’ve seen the movie that was showing at the time.

Touted as the world’s first ever cinema-proportioned television, the Philips Cinema 21:9 has the distinction of allowing viewers to watch movies at home exactly as they would in the cinema—in full 21:9 aspect ratio, and in a gigantic, 56” HD screen. Talk about home entertainment!

At first glance, the Cinema 21:9 is very impressive: its sleek, 56” Hi-definition LCD will turn the heads of even the most jaded couch potatoes and leave even the savviest audiophiles drooling. Even more impressive is that what this TV packs in size and power, it matches with performance and connectivity.

First, the picture—it is sharp, crystal clear, and just plain stunning, especially when watching DVD or Blu-Ray movies. The Cinema 21:9’s high-def, 2560x1080p screen packs 8.3 million pixels which deliver superb picture quality, thanks to Philips’ powerful 2009 Perfect Pixel HD processing engine which features 500 million pixels per second of processing power and 2,250 trillion vivid colors.

This powerful engine is driven by cutting-edge three-sided Ambilight Spectra technology, which projects ambient LED lighting from the top and sides of the TV, resulting in an immersive and engaging viewing experience. Numerous formats can be played in unprecedented hi-definition quality, from movies and TV shows to video games, all of which can be resized to fill the entire widescreen with no picture degradation.

Of course, the stunning picture quality is delivered in 21:9 aspect ratio, resulting in uncompromised cinematic viewing, freeing viewers from the disadvantages that long plagued LCD’s and widescreens—having stretched or zoomed pictures (to compensate for the widescreen format), or having annoying black bars on the top and bottom of the screen (a nuisance that has been around since the betamax and VHS era).

And to complete the Cinema 21:9’s truly exceptional quality and performance, it is Wi-Fi enabled, with its Net TV feature allowing the user to easily access the internet—in full high-definition and cinema format—from a simple on-screen interface. With this capability, watching YouTube videos and other online media becomes an eye-popping experience that no PC screen can give.

All in all, the Cinema 21:9 is a must have for the most demanding audiophiles who are seeking for the ultimate at-home audio-visual experience, and is sure to change the landscape of home entertainment the world over.

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