Smoking is bad for you health and your Apple Laptop

I know that smoking is a health risk, and second-hand smoke is the worst. But damaging my laptop or making my laptop get refused for repair because of smoke residue or having near a smoke infested place is ridiculous.

Apparently, Apple has an unknown warranty procedures that most Apple laptop owners don’t know. That having your laptop exposed to smoke or smoking near your laptop is a mean to void or refuse to service/repair to your laptop.

According to

Apple is standing by the decisions, saying that repair centers have the authority to make decisions like this on their own, citing OSHA rules that include nicotine in a list of hazardous substances that could damage the health of someone exposed to it. (Consumerist, which digests the issue with its typical aplomb, adds that sucrose, talc, and calcium carbonate are all also on the OSHA hazardous materials list.)

I know that this is nothing to be concerned with. I’m not a smoker, but most of my friends and relative are. So will I tell them to smoke elsewhere because my laptop may be damage or Apple might not repair it if there are smoke residue in it.

But my question is, will this be also applicable to other Apple gadgets such as iPhone and iPod?

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