Confession of a Cafe World addict

I was not into this kind of games in the web. It’s just not me.

Every morning after opening my emails and social network sites. I would normally see invites from different Facebook and Friendster application. Friends would tell me to accept their invites for different application. I would normally just click Ignore or reply to them not interested. There were even a time that I would be so upset to see the invites. I actually did not open Facebook for a day or two.

Then one slow afternoon (at work). An hour before my shift ended. I was just casually checking on the updates on Facebook when I accidentally confirmed an invite to Cafe World. I can no longer remember who was it from but I was now checking going through the tutorial on how to play the application. I even finished it (what’s wrong with me that day).

I’ve gone through the Intro and tutorial. Then, before I knew it. I was now playing and considering what to cook and how long it would take to serve it. Trying to compute how much points needed to have another counter and oven. It then started to rain and I was kinda happy cause I won’t be riding home in the rain but continue playing the game.

After a day or two, I realize I was becoming addicted. Every morning I would visit every neighbor to gain more coins and points. I would even set up a timer in my mobile phone. So that I wont miss on the time I need to serve the menu. I would be so upset when spoil the food that was cooked. Yes, I set my alarm just for the application. I would forced myself to get out of bed and serve the food before it be spoiled. Then continued playing for another 2 hours before going to bed.

I’m trying now to fight the urge to open the site for every 10 minutes. I know I can control this addiction.

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