Tips to Follow When Selling Your Old Jewelry

Last year gold hit an all-time high and broke the $1,000 per ounce level – it is still trading high today though it has fallen back slightly to around the $900 mark. In a time of recession, gold prices rise and it is a mark of how bad the current recession has been that gold has hit record high prices and this in turn reflects why the second-hand gold market of selling gold has developed with something of a mini-boom! People are looking for ways to raise extra cash and make the most of what they have – old jewelry stored away in a dusty drawer is no way to pay the bills or make life any easier so sell it while the price is at this historically high level – when the recovery comes the price of gold will fall and you will not get so much money for your old metal.

The first thing to establish when selling your old items is the price for the gold, silver, platinum or other precious metal. A reputable dealer will publish the price per ounce they are prepared to pay along with the purity standards – this should be simple and easy to find and if a dealer is not forthcoming with this information you are advised to leave them alone and find another dealer to transact your business with. You should restrict your enquiries to refiners and smelting operators as this will ensure you cut out the middleman who may make a serious profit at your expense.

Refining operations will use your old jewelry and turn it in to “new” gold and if they can source it direct from you it is cheaper for them too – you get the best price possible. Once you have made a short list to do business with, you need to make sure they are who they say they and have a good reputation. Typically, businesses that operate in this area have done so for very long periods of time, often generations – avoid companies with a recent history as they tend to be less concerned about their reputation and more interested in making themselves money, at your expense. You should also establish that the company physically exists and is registered and licensed – check with the local Better Business Bureau and make sure you establish web based companies have a physical mailing address and a telephone number where they can be reached and not simply a call center.

Once you have selected a company to sell your items to, you must ensure that they operate a secure courier service so your items are handled and shipped securely. You should be able to track the items from your home to the facility and there should be a rapid assessment and appraisal conducted with a final offer of a price for your pieces. If you wish to accept the price offered, you should be paid extremely quickly without engaging in a complicated claims process nor suffer “handling charges” to get your money – if you do not wish to accept the offer price you should get your jewelry back the next day! It goes without saying that your shipping of the items should be fully insured as well! One such respected business that passes all the tests is your safe online resorunce to sell gold, sell silver or sell gold coins

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