Nike Air Skyraider: Shoe Review

Every runner know for a fact ‘That it’s important to have a good pair of running shoe.’ A pair that is well fitted and comfortable for your feet.

When I bought the Nike Air Skyraider Men’s Running Shoe, I was just looking for a good running shoe. I never actually considered other factors before buying. But the Nike staff was a great help for me. They’ve identified some points to considered in buying.

Comfortability of the Nike Air Skyraider

The Nike Air Skyraider is very comfortable on my feet during the first time I wore it. I tried to walk it off to see how it grip my foot.

It has a great design. With its breathable mesh (which is a must on almost all running shoes), my foot has a good air circulation inside. This will be good in a running condition. My feet wont be deprive of air.

It also has a Dual-density midsole that offers dual densities for comfort, support and flexibility. It has a phylon material that provides comfort and cushioning. Visible Air-Sole unit in lateral crash pad provides a comfortable run.

Stability and Strength

The outsole of the Nike Air Skyraider are made from BRS1000 Outsole (Nike brand rubber constructed with a high content of carbon ) for durability and able to provide additional traction when running. It should provide a great grip on any surface and it does not easily wear out. I have just used my Nike Air Skyraider for a total of 5km, it still has more track to cover for it to prove itself.

It also has a dual density midsole that is located between the upper and the midsole of the shoe. It offers the main support and cushion for the foot. Within the Nike brand, the dual density midsole is very popular in shoes created for high impact activities such as running. Now I know that this pair can support my weight.

Fashion Style

The Nike Air Skyraider is also not lacking in its fashion sense. You can sport it around as a casual shoe for your everyday activities. With the Nike logo, what can go wrong?

I have just used my pair in preparation for the McHappy Fun Run. I know the I need to road test my pair before running in an event. But I can’t wait to test this pair in a real run. See hoe it preforms in different surface, condition and how my foot would react in a continuous run.

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