Stay connected via Globe Tattoo

Being connected and mobile is very important to the modern man. The convenience of being to go anywhere and still be connected to the world is awesome. With the help of modern technology. This is no longer a dream.

Having a Globe Tattoo SIM is more convenient rather than having a ordinary Globe SIM. The Globe Tattoo SIM can be use both in my mobile phone and to my internet stick. I can also load it any amount I can to stay connected.

To get the best connection in your location. Set the Network type to 3g.

Just got to Tools on the Main Menu. Then click Options > Network on the next window. From there click the dropdown dox to give option on 3g.

This will give higher speeds in connectivity.

The new Globe Tattoo SIM is truly versatile. You can browse the internet via mobile phone or be connected by using the Globe internet stick in your laptop or desktop to be connected to the Globe Tattoo Broadband. Just transfer the Globe Tattoo Sim from your mobile phone to your Tattoo internet stick.

Staying connected via Globe Tattoo has its perks. Whether through mobile or your internet stick, Globe Tattoo has the perfect browsing plan for you:

• For surfing and media downloading, use Time-Based browsing at P5 for 15 minutes
• For quick email and info checks, use Per-KB charging at 15 centavos Per-KB

Individuality is always important in this modern age. Having a statement is also important. That’s why the new Globe Broad band internet stick have different looks to suit your personality with the Globe Tattoo Broadband New Skins.

As proof, you can visit the Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery and be amaze with different designs made by Tattoo members.

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