Cardio vs. Weights/Resistance training

Which of the tow are the best training regimen for me? Can I only do one and not the other to loss fat? Which is the easiest?

Many people are hesitant to go on the first step of their exercise program because of this reasons. They often staggered to start or not start at all.

The thing is the two regimen (Cardio and weight exercise) training are more effective when done together. We all know that cardio exercise (running, jogging, walking, climbing, etc…) are the best in building up your resistance and burning fat. But doing only this will lead to untoned body parts. Yes the saggy part of your body will worsen.

But it you combined it weight/resistance training, this will tone your arm, butts, glutes, etc… It will help define your body however old you are. It will also strengthen your core in order for you to do more cardio training. It will give you stronger muscle and good posture as well.

Weight training or using resistance in your fitness regimen is actually a great way to increase weight loss and in particular, fat loss.

Adding a small amount of extra muscle combined with a high intensity calorie burning you get from using weights, can really speed up your weight loss goals.

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