How to train your Dragon – Review

Is there really a way to train a dragon? Honestly, training my dog was hard work. You need to spend time, patience, and a lot of treat. But training a dragon is different. But I think the question to be ask is, ‘Is there really a DRAGON?’

Well, we really can’t be sure about that. But from our favorite Animation Studio Dreamworks that brought us Shrek and Madagascar. Comes an adventure that will give us a glimpse of how life was when or if Dragons existed.

How to train your Dragon is the the adventures of a viking teenager named Hiccup who’s trying to fit in. In a time where hunting and slaying dragon is the “IN” thing. But when the hunter and the prey becomes friend, this is a whole new story which will surely be a fantastic film for all ages.


Will be shown March of 2010.

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