Fun at the Sentosa Luge & Skyride: Once is never enough

My first vacation trip to Singapore was actually visit my wife. She is currently working at Singapore for about a year back then.

One of the activity we did together was the Sentosa Luge and Skyride. At first I was hesitant for practical reason that its to expensive just to go down the beach. But because my wife convinced me we ride it anyway.

We went to the registration booth to get our ticket. We bought the S$11.00 / person ride (should have gotten the S$16.00 / person Two Luge & Skyrides) because once is never enough. For children under 110cm can ride with their parents/guardians.

After that we size up for our safety gear then off to the tracks. Taking photo is not allowed inside the track (so if you want to get a photo of your family you need to get off the track first and ride later). But the track has its own camera. They will be taking your picture during the ride (this is before you cross the finish line). You’ll just have to purchase it after the ride.

The luge is a part go-cart and part-toboggan. Its a gravity driven ride because you will starting at the Imbiah Lookout. Don’t worry, this is a safe ride for all ages. The steering an braking mechanism is easy to understand. Push forward to go forward and push back to stop.

It was a thrilling ride for my wife who is in front of me all of the time (I let her win the race). she actually cutting me off when I’m trying to pass her. After the luge ride we went and had a walk to Palawan Beach. We cross the suspension bridge that links beach-goers to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia (and also Asia’s closest point to the Equator).

After that we ride the skyride to Imbiah Lookout. The ride can accommodate 4 person. A personnel inform as how to get ready for the ride so that we won’t fall. It was an exciting ride, seeing everyone underneath my feet. I also noticed a lot of safety net below us.

We plan on taking the kids there and have the fun day.

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