Wake up on TIME

My dad would always tell me to wake up early so that I wont be late for school. He was my alarm clock.

Today, as a father of three and a going to work, it is mandatory to wake up early. I tried many things just to wake up early, and here what works for me.

1. Go to bed early. This will be hard at first especially with all the nice things to watch at prime time TV and all of the GIMIKs will be sacrificed. But having a complete 6-8 hours uninterrupted sleep will get your body in a routine. That will keep you in auto-mode to wake up early.

2. Have multiple alarm set. Having multiple alarm set will force you to wake up, even you put one in snooze mode, the other one will surely to do the job.
3. When you hear the alarm, force yourself to stand-up Forced your self to stand up will be a good start to keep you up. And when your up do other activities to keep you awake and not be drag back to bed.

4. After waking up, go directly to the shower For me, this part work great. This will surely jump start my day.

5. If possible don’t have a TV set at the bed room This one is is a great way to sleep early. Make your bedroom a place to rest and sleep and not a Home Theater.

Well. this are the stuff I did to wake up early and it works for me. Try to find a way that will work for you.

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