Pomegranate NS08 Phone: The Smartest of all Smartphone

Here I am, starting a fine shiny morning, doing my work. Doing some blog hopping, opening some social networking site, then it hit me. A shared video from a friend showing an amazing phone that has everything.

The video is so realistic so would think, ‘Is it real?’ A phone this good will truly be dream to have one. The sleek design, touch screen features and the out of this world capability.

Yes, everything! The Pomegranate NS08 phone is the phone that has everything in it. Beside from the basic features of an ordinary smartphone. It has a built-in projector, a coffee maker, and if your feeling bored you can play an harmonica, and a language translator for business transaction. And don’t forget the built-in Shaver that you can converse on the other line while shaving.

I was truly amaze about it, that I even bothered to go to the link at the end of the video. Wanting to know the amount and where and when it will be available. Then i was shock to see something else. That made me did a little investigation on it.

The site is a year old, and it is a $300,000 ad campaign for Nova Scotia (a Canadian province). Its promoting tourism to “a place that has everything”.

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