Makansutra invaded the Philippines

Have you ever heard of Makansutra? Its a famous place to eat at Singapore is now in the Philippines. Owned by K.F. Seetoh (King of Food according to him) is now serving us with its unique taste of Singapore.

Having invited by my parents for their wedding anniversary at Manila Ocean Park. They told me they wanted to try out the new restaurant that they saw in a TV show last Sunday. So I asked them what is the name. ‘It’s Makansutra!’ I think deep after that. For reason that I already had heard of that name for awhile now. So I was wondering why they are saying its a new restaurant.

My Parent checking the menu

Then I remembered where I heard about it. From a show that is focusing on all of the great place to eat at Singapore, and K.F. Seetoh is the one guiding the host all over Singapore.

Its a very big place. Tables are surrounding the food station which is like being in a Singapore. It’s a self service type of restaurant. Though they give a number after ordering it doesn’t mean they will bring your food to your table. Its either you wait for your food to be ready or come back for it.

Makansutra Laksa

I ordered a Laksa ( considered as Singapore’s national food) to see if it has the same taste as the one I ate when I came to Singapore. Don’t get me wrong, but I was a little disappointed. It was tasty but not as delicious as the one I had in Singapore.

The kids is more likely to stay away from spicy food so they have ordered a much safer food for their taste buds.

Breaded fried Chicken
Breaded fried Chicken
Pork Kebab with fired egg
Carbonara for Dianne

Though the prices is a bit high, being the price is all base on Singapore price range. I will still be coming back to try out the other dishes on the menu the next time I go.

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