TOBLERONE: A Greatly Grateful Country

After weathering a lot of problems, the country has much to thank for.

Despite all the crises and issues the nation has faced, the Filipino has risen above it all – revealing an indomitable spirit fueled by a cheerful, optimistic nature that is truly praise worthy. And a popular international Swiss chocolate brand believes that this inherently Pinoy character is an amazing reason to celebrate.

tobleronIn the previous National Thank You Day spearheaded by Toblerone, Filipinos proved to the world that the country is united in gratefulness – debunking the Reader’s Digest survey which claimed that the Philippines is one of the least courteous nations in the world.

“We believe that the country counts as one of the most accommodating and hospitable people in the globe,” says Carlo Licuanan, Snacks Category Marketing Manager of Kraft Foods (Philippines), Inc. “And with this successful, well-attended event, Filipinos showed the world that they are not afraid to express their overwhelming appreciation for the good things and people in their lives.”

And the importance of expressing gratefulness resonated so much in different sectors of society, that even the City of Manila acknowledged the need for its citizens to step up and say thank you to the ones that deserve it most.

In a statement by incumbent Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, he declared October 20 as the city’s official Thank You Day – making the city the first in the country to have done so. The mayor commented that it was sad that, for a city known for its warmth, its citizens were showing less gratitude.
Yet, Toblerone wants this spirit of thankfulness to extend further to the whole country – with different cities joining in to show support for this noble cause.

“We hope this would become a nationwide effort. We really believe it’s time to show the world that we know how to pay it forward – and that when we do, we do it with truly grateful hearts,” says Licuanan.

Join Toblerone as they celebrate the National Thank You Day Awards on October 20, 2009 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall and see the unveiling of one notable Filipino personality from whom a grateful nation will choose to say a resounding ‘thank you’ to. For more information, visit ###

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