Get a credible wedding videographer: REALITY WEDDING VIDEO

A wedding is the most important part of every couple’s memory. This is the beginning of the first day of their life together. So a wedding video is an important medium to capture this special event. A wedding video will immortalize every aspect of this momentous event of your married life. Capturing the smallest details till the time you both says your vows and say your ‘I dos’ to each other.

The man behind every masterpiece is Buddy Gancenia, the best wedding videographer in the country. He can turn a simple wedding to the most spectacular day of your life. You will have a wedding video with a distinctive presentation and a professional feel, much like a TV reality show. Buddy Gancenia is a man who lives and breathes video production. Having a total of 15 years work experience in his belt as a Director, Producer, Videographer and Editor with in the country’s top television networks. To him, video is more than just a tool for entertainment—it is an art form where he explores all the possibilities in creating one-of-kind and creative videos that can inform, inspire or stir nostalgic emotions.

Wedding videography is an art in immortalizing the most important day as a couple. The day two person becomes one. Reality Wedding Video is unlike anything anyone has seen before in the field of Wedding Videos. At present, we are the first and only Reality Wedding Video producers in the Philippines — and probably in the world.

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