Typical Filipino Breakfast: Kunchinta and Suman Antipolo

Suman Antipolo and Kunchinta

Last Sunday, I was in a particularly good mood. So I decided to go to the market and get some old fashion Filipino breakfast. I went straight to where I knew it should be. Then I found it. Its kunchinta and suman antipolo (Sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves).

Suman Antipolo

When I was a kid, when my mother came back from the market she would always have this in her big basket. Me and my brothers would prepare it on the table, then call our Father to eat. He would usually reply to go ahead. Then we would dig in. Kunchinta would come with grated coconut and we eat the suman with either sugar or condense milk.


Its a heavy breakfast for us then, and it is now for my 3 kids. Then I realize why my Father would always say “Go ahead!” he knew that it would be not enough for us. Which is what happen in our situation. I only got a bite of kunchinta and non of the suman.

When was the last time you ha a taste of kunchinta and suman?

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