Home-made Cheese Burger

My kids and I love going to fast food joints. They specially love the famous ones. And you guess it, they also loves burgers. But today I decided to make a home-made cheese burger.

What you need:

6 burger buns
1 pack regular CDO burger patties
1/4 cabbage, grated
1 big tomato, slice
6 slice cheese

How to make it:

Place your patty into a skillet and cooked for 1 minute on one side then turn and cook the other side for 1/2 a minute. The reason is because while cooking the patty on one side the other is being half cooked already, so you don’t need to cook it the same length of time as the other. While cooking the patty you can place the buns in an oven toaster so that you have a crispy toast bun.

After toasting the bun, place the end portion of the bun on a plate. First place cabbage, then the tomato, the the burger. Last is the cheese. Then add the right amount of ketsup/catsup.


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