AKA: SMS search engine


I just found out about AKA, it’s an SMS search engine that lets you “find and be found” by other registered mobile phone user. You can search via SMS or the web. You can also advertise/publish any announcement or information  about your business.

AKA Mobile Directory will give you access to information without connecting to the internet. You just use your mobile phone. Just text “AKA FIND <the name or establishment you are searching> to 09229997255. Then it will give you a list of information about the subject of the search.

So I tried it immediately. Registration is a breeze! Just give your alias or “Also known as” (AKA) name and your mobile number. A provisional password will be send to your mobile number to activate your account.

Upon activation of your account, you will be awarded 10 AKA Credits. AKA Credits can be use for sending web-to-SMS messages, or give to friends. You can also connect to your Facebook account with ease. This will also earn you 2 AKA credits.

AKA Mini-Blog

But what I like about AKA is the Mini-Blog. Yes it also has its own mini blog. The Mini-Blog is for mobile blogging or blogging on the go. You can send SMS to your Mini-Blog.

To post a mini-blog: go to AKA Web, under Mini-Blog, Blog to Watchers. If you have sufficient AKA Credits (top right of the Blog page), you can send your blog as SMS (tick Send also as SMS).

To post a mini-blog via SMS: AKA BLOG any message

Send to 0922.999.7255.

Go on guys try it!

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