Ayosdito.ph the newest marketplace in the Philippines

Ayosdito.phFilipinos are becoming more hi-tech. In their home, cars, the way they communicate and now they way the buy and sell their products. The web is a new venue in where there are no boundaries to where they can sell their products or buy what they want. Ayosdito.ph is a new site where it catered the Filipino needs. It’s your new Marketplace in the Philippines.

Ayosdito.ph easy to use and understand. In the main page, the Map of the Philippines is presented. Identifying the 17 regions for the 17 marketplaces where you can do transaction. Just place the pointer to the region which you are located or where you want then click.

Enter in Buy & Sell as a keyword the press enter. Then tons of items will be displayed in front to you. Just click on the item you want and details of that item, contact information of the seller will be displayed.

For me, I entered men’s shoes, because I need a new pair. Mine is getting windy (if you know what I mean). And to my suprise. Shoes with affordable prices. I even got a talked with the seller CONVERSE WADE 3 MID ALL STAR. You wont believe how much he is selling it.

So don’t just sit there. Its only a click away to the thing you need or been looking for.

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