A Birthday Celebration at Dampa sa Libis

We went for a seafoods dinner birthday celebration for my Father at “Dampa sa Libis”. Dampa is a new concept restaurant that has its own wet market beside the restaurant. Where customer can buy fresh seafoods, meat and fruits. You even choose how it is to be cooked. The kids (which is my 3 kids and my nephew) where really suprise to found a wet market beside it. And even more suprise that we went there first to buy the fish and prawn to be cooked.

There was a variety of seafood to choose from. But I prefered the Lapu-lapu and the big prawns, we also ordered crads the (alimasag kind).

I was taking picture when a chance upon a alimango (big crabs). I asked if it is OK if I can hold it and have a picture with it. They said it’s OK! I lend them my camera and take a shot. Just when I was returning the crab back, I realize that it is loosing an arm.

We had a lot of fun while waiting for the food to be serve. The kids was telling stories on what they saw on the wet market. Seeing live crabs, and the one that I carried. Then wanting to go to the stalls right beside the restaurant after eating.

Then the food arrive, after less than 5 minutes. First came the Calamaris, then the Alimasag cooked in butter and garlic, then the Tempura and last is the Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu.

We enjoyed every bite of the dishes. The kids just loves seafoods. We kinda went overboard on the crabs and tempura.

Over all it was a great experience for the kids. Not the usual fast food chains. It nice to bring them to something new.

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