Pacquiao beats Hatton: TKO on the 2nd Round

This is another momentous fight for the Filipino’s pride Manny Pacquiao. Dominating a worthy opponent Ricky Hatton. Winning the War of the Worlds fight within 2 rounds of non-stop action. 

The start of the first round was pound for pound clash of two great fighter. Both boxer is not giving an inch to be dominated, but the Filipino boxer is showing more fury to than the other. Pacquiao dominated Hatton by putting him down 2 times in the first round.

On the start of second round, Hatton try to compensate for his 2 KO by charging Pacquiao. But Manny Pacquiao did not gave him a chance. With an incredible left hook coming from Pacquiao finish the fight. Putting Hatton out cold on the 2nd round. With of the total of 3 KO within the 2 round fight, the referee Kenny Bayles called it TKO, and declaring Pacquiao as the winner of the fight.

 Though it was a short fight (2 rounds) but this fight will never be forgotten. Its trully a great day for the Filipino people.

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