Tamalis: A Quezon Province delicacies

Me and my family was invited to SARIAYA QUEZON by a customer of ours. He gave us accommodation in their home. His word was “Don’t bring any food for the stay. I will provide everything.” So who are we to disagree. We just brought our clothing for the beach and things to kill of time.

We were not disappointed, as we got there a mini feast was readied for us. We were served with ube puto, broas and tamalis. I was more on the tamalis sweets. I think I ate a total of 5 pieces. It was so delicious and the budbud added to the exotic taste of the sweet cake. The budbud was made from scrap coconut meat, fried with sugar till golden brown.

I asked how it was made. They told me to talk to the old lady for directions. So I did, she was kind enough to tell me how she made it. But the funny thing is she as a very soft voice, even softer than my youngest kid. I barely can’t hear a word she was saying. So I just nod suggesting I can hear and understand what she was saying.

After that I go back to my plate and finish the tamalis. When we were finish with the snack. We were asked what do we want to do with the prawns and 2 whole chicken they had for us. This is so funny, because we just finished a heavy snack and here our hospitable host asking ask what do we want for our dinner.

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