The Original Havaianas and The RockED Original Project Grant

rockedHavaianas is truly a fashion statement.  If you want to be in the “IN” crowd, you should atleast have a pair of the Original Havaianas.

Having a pair of the Original Havaianas is stating that you are against piracy and invoking original concepts should be upheld and most of all respected by others.

Inline with this The RockED Original Project Grant is encouraging young individual to be heard. Specifically their ideas which revolve in youth-involved and youth-targeted projects. Send in your original idea for implementation, and receive a grant to turn your original project into a reality!

Here are the details in joining the RockED Original Project Grant:  

Who can join?

Any individual or group between the ages of 13 to 32 years old

Group entries may be made up of two members or more.
How can you join?

1. Send in your original youth-involved and youth-targeted project on or before April 4, 2009.
2. Email your entries to:
3. Entries must include the following information:
a. Complete name/s of sender/s
b. Age/s of sender/s
c. Email address/es
d. Address of project representative
e. Telephone and cell phone number of project representative
4. The project entry must follow the following format:
a. Project Title: (name of your project should be catchy, original and descriptive)
b. Objective: (the main goal of your project)
c. Project Team: (information about the team? why are you joining?)
d. Beneficiary: (who will benefit from your project?)
e. Mechanics: (how will you go about it? where will it be implemented? details will be greatly appreciated — this portion of the application is your best opportunity to explain and describe your project, feel free to enumerate)
f. Budget: (a detailed report on how you intend to distribute the grant money)
g. Extra info we need to know about you/your team?

Terms and Conditions:

1. All projects details will be posted on for online voting. Online voting ends on April 17, 2009.
2. There are three (3) categories:
a. High School – any individual or group ages- 13-17 years of age.
b. College – any individual or group aged 17-21 years of age, not necessarily enrolled in a university.
c. Professional – any individual or group 21 years and older.
3. Three (3) projects will be chosen per category. A total of nine (9) projects will be chosen.
4. The following are the minimum* grants to be awarded:
a. High School – PhP 8,000
b. College – PhP 10,000
c. Professional – PhP 15,000
*Actual grants will depend on the pledges during the launch of the Havaianas Original Campaign

5. Entries will be evaluated and selected following this criteria:
a. ORIGINALITY of idea (25%)
b. Social relevance (25%)
c. Impact on intended beneficiary (25%)
d. Votes garnered through the Multiply site (25%)
6. Entries will be evaluated and judged by:
a. Anne Gonzalez of Terry SA/ Havaianas
b. Gang Badoy of RockEd Philippines
7. Winners and awarding event details will be announced via the Multiply site. Winners will also be notified by phone call and email.
8. Winners must be available to physically accept the grant during the awarding. They must also present two valid ID.
9. Winners must agree to the implementation guidelines of RockEd, which includes liquidation of the grant fund with official receipts, vouchers and document the event with photographs and/or video.

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