Ipanema GB Seeds Collection

Ipanema GB has unveiled its new line for Summer 2009. The new line has unique details that enhance the latest GB Seeds Collection by Ipanema such as the forest-inspired print on its soles and the metal spiral button gracing the front sandal strap that symbolizes “the seed of life.” This metal emblem empowers each wearer to do their part and share in the campaign towards a lush Philippines by helping to spread the word.

Choose from a wide array of 5 diverse styles in eye-popping and vibrant hues.

Ipanema GB Seeds Thong Strap Ad- whiteIpanema GB Seeds Thong Strap Ad- brown_bronze
“Thong Strap Ad” combines the classic thong strap with a uniquely positioned horizontal strap, adding sophistication to one’s casual look.

Ipanema GB Seeds Thong Fem- whiteIpanema GB Seeds Thong Fem- red_goldIpanema GB Seeds Thong Fem- brown_bronze
Strut with ease with the classic thong-styled “Thong Fem” that adds that funky flattery on the go. Grab a pair in each color to match your every outfit whim!

Ipanema GB Seeds Sand Fem- white_goldIpanema GB Seeds Sand Fem- greenIpanema GB Seeds Sand Fem- brown_ gold
Glamorize any outfit with eye-catching straps from “Sand Fem.” Up the ante and stylize your look when you adorn your feet with this style

Ipanema GB Seeds Plataforma Fem- white_goldIpanema GB Seeds Plataforma Fem- brown_gold
Need a little height lift? “Plataform Fem” is a wedged sandal that lets you look lean and tall. The three-strip strap detail also adds extra oomph to this style from the GB Seeds Collection.
Ipanema GB Seeds New Thong Fem- whiteIpanema GB Seeds New Thong Fem- grey_silverIpanema GB Seeds New Thong Fem- brown_bronzeIpanema GB Seeds New Thong Fem- beige_gold
The “New Thong Fem” made with double straps is perfect for casual strolls at the park or the beach! Strut with ease with the classic thong-styled

As the summer season draws near, effortlessly transform your look from the beach to the bar with the Ipanema GB Seeds Collection. The ultimate flip-flop for the eco-chic and environment conscious, take a green stride by donning your favorite style from the GB Seeds Collection and joining in the movement towards a more lush Philippines today!

ELRO Commercial and Industrial Corporation is the exclusively distributed of Ipanema in the Philippines. Ipanema GB Seeds Collection for women are available in SM Department Store, Shoe Salon, Chocolate Clothing Company, Red Alert, Landmark, Freeway, Planet Sports, Crossings, Brent and Chloe in Pampanga, Stand and Stride in Cabanatuan, Chimes Davao, 25th Avenue Square Naga, Basix Bacolod and for other boutiques nationwide, kindly check the complete list at www.ipanemaphils.com.

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