Justice for the Pangandaman mauling victim

I just heard that last December 26, at the Valley Golf and Country Club at Antipolo City, the duo of Mayor of Masiu City, Lanao del Sur: Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr. and his father, Secretary Nasser Pangandaman of the Department of Agrarian Reform, and their bodyguards (yes, not just one but four of their bodyguards had their shot) had a nice boxing exercise against a 56 yr. old man and his 14 yr. old son. Though the noble Secretary didn’t throw a punch, but he sure didn’t sweat to stop the brawl.

The funny part is the the Valley Golf and Country Club administration is keeping silent and not giving information on the thing. The whole thing is happening in front of the Front Desk and the Country Club personnel and security is not doing anything. They sure have a way of protecting/securing their clients. Surely, I wont be planning any trip to this Club if I don’t have my own security force at my back.


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