Mario’s: Then, Today and the Future

Mario’s is one of the well known restaurants that can give you a fine dining experience for a lower price. Started in the 80’s, Mario’s known for their Oyster Rockefeller, Caesar Salad, Lengua, Callos, Paella and Steaks.

When we were invited to see the new Mario’s, I was so excited. This is my first time to dine in a, according to my father is a sophisticated restaurant. But I was wrong; Mario’s may seem to be sophisticated and classy in the outside. The truth is, Mario’s has a homier feel and none of the well heard Spaniard inspired restaurant. Free Wi-Fi is also available to young savvy politicians, businessmen and showbiz personalities.

Caesar Salad

We started the night with Mario’s famous Oyster Rockefeller then the Caesar Salad and they were great.

Clam Cowder

Followed by the Clam Cowder, which by the way was so tasty. It was serve on a bread bowl.

Baby Back Ribs

Then for the main course I ordered a Baby Back Ribs with homemade Boston baked beans and a glass of white wine. I was amaze of how tender the ribs were. It was so juicy and tender I don’t need the knife to cut it. I was so disappointed. I was so expecting to munch the meat, but no, it was to tender it would dissolve in my mouth.

It was so amazing. I finished my ribs almost 30 mins. Yes, almost 30 mins. Just like I told Arpee, it was the longest time I spend eating. I want to savor every minute I can and enjoy my meal.

This is what the other orders for their meal.

Chilean Seabass

For Arpee who wants to be in the health train goes for the Chilean Seabass

Steak Ala Pobre

A medium rare Steak Ala Pobre for Juned. It looks so tasty from this angle.

Paella Valencia

We didn’t pass the opportunity to taste the house specialty which Mario’s is known for, the Paella Valencia. Which is truly tasty, full of flavor and to top all that we have a giant appetite.

Jose Fil Benitez

“We are in the midst of innovating the look and ambience, and our Menu as well. We will always retain our Old Casa Specials, but will continue to add new and innovative dishes in our House Specials. We change the Specials every quarter and remove some of the items in the Main menu. The same with our wine list which is designed wherein we can introduce new varietals often”, according to Jose Fil Benitez

And next year, they will make a comeback at Makati with another look but still within the Cordillera scheme as that is where Mario’s started 37 years ago in 1971.

For Reservations and Catering

Tel. 372-0360; 415-3887
Fax 372-0352

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