The Manila Outdoor Gallery Art Route

Have you express yourself lately. Truly express yourself, saying what you want so that other will hear you and understand your point of view. Letting everyone know what you truly feel about something. The OUTDOOR ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILS. (OAAP) is a group of local artist in the Philippines has.

I know most of you have notice giant billboards that are not endosing specific products, but displaying beautiful work of arts. “Art throughout history has always inspired change by always going beyond the frame,” says Dondie Bueno, 2nd Media spokesperson. “And with the OAAP, we aim for the Manila Outdoor Gallery Art Route to be a catalyst for change in the metro by pushing the boundaries of what billboards can be.”

The Artist
This is the biggest outdoor gallery in Asia, it is featuring artworks from 10 of the most promising Filipino artists such as Popo San Pascual, Riel Hilario, Eddie Boy Escudero, Jose Terence Ruiz, Mario V. Fernandez, Gari Buenavista, MM Yu, Christina Quisumbing Ramilo, Lotsu Manes, and Tina Fernandez of ArtInformal who also curated the exhibit.

The Aims
Environmental awareness is what they are expressing. This is in support for the ongoing international movement rallying for nature conservation. “People are not used to seeing paintings on a billboard. This momentarily takes them out of their daily grind and they start to notice. Can you imagine a better way to drive your message across than to evoke reactions from passersby?” continues Bueno.

This is also to promote that billboards are an effective way of communication and not only for advertising.

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