Dayo: Sa Mundo ng Elementalia

Dayo is the first Filipino full-length digital animated film that was created here in the Philippine. By Filipinos! Can you believe that? And is the official entry of Cutting Edge productions for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2008. This is the only animated entry this year.

The first time I saw the trailer I thought it was a foriegne film, but I was wrong. This film is great. The story is right for the Filipinos taste and the kids will surely love it.

The Story is about Bubuy (a timid 11 year old human boy) who travels with his new found not so ordinary friend Anna (a 14 year old, vegetarian Mananang-girl), to the enchanted world of Elementalia populated by mystical and magical creature from Philippine mythology and Folklore to rescue his grandparents. Well here’s the trailer and see if I’m making sense.

Enough of the movie, the real story is the creative minds that given us the chance to experience this wonderfully crafted film. The key word here is paperless animation. They created Dayo without drafting anything in paper. With the combination of creative minds such as Jessie Lasaten, Robert Quilao, Artemio Abad Jr., Eric Cabatug and Tito Romero had produce a wonderful film that Filipino can be proud of saying “Gawang Pinoy ang DAYO!”.

Cutting Edge Productions is a one-stop production shop that is owned and managed by multi-awarded film composer and musical arranger Jessie Lasaten. Cutting Edge is the only facility in the country with the technological capability to produce music, audio, editing, and motion graphics in a single Macintosh-based studio. Eight multi-functional studios are available for small- to large-scale production work. All studios are interconnected, ensuring quick file transfers and network processes. A backroom and 15 workstations support all studio activity.

I will be expecting more great things from Cutting Edge Productions in the near future.

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