Manage your Wealth by Karen B. Galarpe

Are you having money issue at home? Are the budget for this month not enough? Are you always frustrated or upset, for the reason that any amount of effort you put in planning and saving you still end up having not paid last months bill.

When parents have money issue they are easily irritated, then children gets confused whether or not to approach them to give them comfort that everything will be alright.

Then you need to sit down and relax, Karen B. Galarpe, an editor and writer for financial and family oriented publications can give you a few tips on how to stretch your budget and save.

Backed by her years of experience in family wealth management, Galarpe started with the general principles of budgeting. As the discussion progressed, Galarpe gave more specific tips like cutting down on expenses, living below your means, knowing your savings options, and investing on an insurance and retirement plan.

The wealth management seminar is part of Verdana Homes’ Coffee Talk Series, a monthly forum that convenes parents to discuss relevant issues concerning the Filipino family. This campaign was designed to generate meaningful venues for families to rediscover the fun and value of family living that were lost amidst urban anxieties.

Committed to not just providing revolutionary residential developments for the Filipino family, Verdana Homes explores every opportunity to meet both the needs of the family and the demands of urban living.

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