The Freedom to call unlimited by BAYAN wireless

In the past having a mobile phone is a status symbol. You are one of the chosen few to be blessed of having the financial capability to own one. Today, it is a necessity. People can be connected with their love ones, friends, and work. Having the freedom to communicate wherever you are when ever you need.

But this freedom to connect still has a huge barrier that stops us to use the primary function of the mobile phone, “To call”. Being tag as the texting capital country, not being the most practical way to communicate but the cheapest. High call rate is the main reason why the ordinary people are not using their mobile device to place a call. Instead they still used the traditional landlines.

The Facts
Base on independent studies done by leading technology think tanks, the Philippines has the highest call rate per minute in Asia and even other parts of the world. That’s why Bayan Telecommunication has given us the solution to break the barrier and to the ability to call using our own mobile device and with an unlimited talk time as well for a low cost.

The Product
Introducing the “Bayan Wireless Landline”. Now the ordinary minimum wage Filipinos have the power to enjoy the on-the-go lifestyle and still cut down on their phone bills. This is the real thing. You can call anyone in your network, without worrying the call rate charges.

Bayan Wireless Landline is not for everybody, but it is for anybody who values real conversations, for people who value talking to their family, their loved ones and their business or work associates and enjoy the benefit of unlimited landline calls while on-the-go for a fixed monthly rate.” said Tunde Fafunwa, Chief Executive Consultant of Bayan Telecommunications.

The Reality Show
The Biggest Bill Loser, the first online reality show that features 4 different individuals that have something in common, their over-the-top mobile phone bills. With the help of Bayan Wireless Landline they were able to cut down on their mobile expenses. View their adventure in using the Bayan Wireless Landline in the website

About Bayan Telecommunications
Bayan Telecommunications (Bayan), a member of the Lopez Group of Companies and one of the top companies in the Philippines in terms of gross revenues, is a major provider of a wide range of voice and Internet applications to residential customers nationwide. The company is also a leading provider of data communications services, such as dedicated domestic and international leased lines, frame relay and Internet access, to companies in strategic industries such as banks, manufacturing, business process outsourcing, among others. More information at

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