Walking your way to fitness

Walking is a not only a great exercise, it also enables us to workout at a steady and consistent pace, which allows us to burn fat effectively. To burn fat we need the body to be permanently in fat-burning mode during the whole exercise, walking is a constant and gradual activity so it achieves fat-burning mode very effectively even if the person lacks some fitness.

The great thing about walking to lose weight is that it can be made fun. The pet dog can be taken to the local park so he can enjoy the walk too. Friends can join in the walk where you can chat and catch up on the latest chat. Walking can also be achieved when shopping; a good stroll around shops for a few hours can still help burn off some fat stores. Window-shopping is good to support continuous movement in order to support fat burning.

Walking is probably the best exercise to start losing permanent weight. Even though a walk won’t burn lots of calories just look at the positive benefits of walking:

• higher percentage of body fat burned
• Increase health & fitness
• Boost energy levels
• Decrease in health risks

Also remember walking is:

• Easy to participate
• Fun with friends
• No equipment needed

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