Are you too busy to exercise?

If so, you’re not alone. Lots of people out there is having the same problem like you. They always say tomorrow, until it turns to days, then weeks, then it turn to months, then years. Here are the top 10 excuses why we don’t exercise. What’s your excuse?

10. You really hate to exercise.
If you hate running, you don’t have to do it. Find activities that match your personality. If you love the outdoors, go hiking or biking. If you like simplicity, stick with walking or circuit training. Try things before you decide you don’t like them.

9. You keep quitting.
You often quit because: you plan too many workouts, or don’t give yourself time to rest. Do only things that you can. Keep light and schedule time to recover. Progress each week by adding a few more minutes to each workout.

8. You can’t afford a gym membership
Staying fit doesn’t mean you have to enroll in a gym. You can walk anytime, anywhere. You can used bottled water as weights, instead of Dumbbells. There are also an incredible number of workout videos available for the home exerciser.

7. You’re not seeing any changes in your body.
You have gained those weight through the years, you can’t lose it overnight. It could take up to 12 weeks before you start seeing some changes in your body. In the meantime, try to enjoy the other benefits of exercise.

6. You don’t know how to exercise.
Information on how to exercise is easier now than it was before, you can get it from books, magazines, videos or websites that cover everything from to stretching exercises. Or, hire a trainer at your local gym.

5. You have to take care of your family
You don’t have to neglect your responsibility to your family to stay fit. You just have to balance your time wisely. You can schedule your workout when there at school. Take them with you on your daily walk. Show your family what it means to be healthy by being a good role model.

4. You’re can’t stay motivated.
Change your routine every 4 to 6 weeks by trying something new or changing your intensity or time. Reward yourself often (massages make great gifts).

3. Exercise HURTS!
You don’t have to hurt yourself to reap the benefits of exercise. You should be able to carry on a conversation, and not lose breath. You should feel slight burning, but not teeth-gritting pain!

2. You can’t stay committed
Start with small goals, such as to be more active every day by taking the stairs and moving around more. For now, just worry about making it a daily habit.

1. You don’t have time!
People who use this excuse is mostly the one who have more free time.

Here’s how to get past a busy schedule:

  • Schedule your workout routine.
  • If you can’t find a full 30 minutes during your day, break it up into 10 or 15 minute segments.
  • Get up a few minutes early and take a brisk walk, use 15 minutes of your lunch hour to walk the stairs and walk the dog or lift weights after work.
  • Keep a calendar of your workouts to you can track your progress and stay motivated

Remember that exercise generates energy–the more energy you have, the more you’ll get done each day.

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