Healthy Cooking with MCT by Lisa Leong

Lisa Leong is a well-known gourmet cook in Southeast Asia and an advocate of New Asian health cuisines came here to impart to us that cooking healthy food should never be bland, colorless or boring. And while this line of thinking may go against popular convention, celebrity chef Lisa Leong is out to show Filipinos how healthy food can also taste great.

The New Asian Key Ingredient: Coconut Oil

From her spicy Burmese Cheesy Curry Special to the savory Dancing Tom Yam Satay, Chef Leong helps participants prepare tasty meals using organic ingredients such as coconut oil—one the most prevalent ingredients in her recipes.

“Coconut oil is a healthy and great-tasting cooking ingredient,” explains Leong. “It suits my gourmet style and appeals to millions of people in the region, as well, who use it in their daily meals.” But more important than its prominence as an ingredient in Asian cooking traditions, coconut oil is naturally occurring oil that contains beneficial medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs).

Beneficial MCTs are fatty acids aid in the metabolic processes of the body including fat regulation, weight control and anti-infection activity. Basically, MCTs in coconut oil contribute to a holistic diet and help combat the excessive intake of harmful trans fatty acids. Recognizing the valuable contribution of MCTs to staying fit, Chef Leong chose coconut oil products from Team Asia Corporation, the leading provider of consumer health products, for her New Asian style cuisines.

Great-Tasting, Healthy New Asian Dishes

Unlike other brands, Team Asia’s bestselling coconut oil products retain their healthful benefits even after undergoing the heating process of cooking. “SUPER COCO Virgin Coconut Oil and COCOS MCT Powder (powdered coconut oil) infuse a distinct flavor into my creations while also increasing their nutritional value,” attests Leong.

This array of New Asian style cuisines by Lisa Leong demonstrates to Filipinos why great-tasting, healthy food is far from being a culinary myth. “I am showing that flavorful, nutritional dishes with a New Asian twist are easy to make,” she shares.

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