The Epson EMP-400W Projector

Epson Philippines introduce their newest projector, the EMP-400W projector. The new Epson EMP-400W projector is an ultra short throw wide screen projector. It provides high quality images even when positioned close to the screen. You can actually position the projector just less than 2 feet away. With the WXGA resolution, it delivers clear, sharp images with clear image.

The cool part of the EMP-400W projector it can email you to alert of any potential problems. It can also accept date from two PC’s, giving you the freedom to switch PC. Other accessories are available to suit your life style; cables are available to be connected to other sources such as DVD players, and digital camera. You can’t see that in other brands.


I was a one of the lucky few to experience the introduction of the newest line to the Epson Projectors. Foods and drinks were served, and lucky few had a chance to bring home 2 printers and 3 Photo printer. Even though I didn’t won any price, I sure got a a heavy meal.

Epson sure did. Congrats!

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