Lunch out at North Park Noodle House

We always celebrate the joining of a new member to our team by treating the group to lunch. The latest place added to the list weve been is the North Park Noodle House at Market-Market.

The ambiance is great it has a cozzy atmosphere, the people are friendly and you can always see a smile on anyones’ face. Actually for a person who loves to eat the place is the second thing they notice. The food is their main concern. Although we waited for quite a time, but the wait was worth it.

The food was tasty, no saggy after taste, cooked just right and the price are affordable. You get your money worth.

Overall it was a great eating experience, and had some take home to give the people at home though Ate Myra had it.

For someone who is trying to loose weight, I’m really doing a lousy job.

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