Getting Rid Of Man Boobs

Sadly, almost all men are being plagued with insecurities regarding certain parts of their bodies specifically the dreaded man boobs. Man boobs, also known as “moobs” have become quite a common problem and greatly affects mens self-confidence and sense of worth. It is suspected to be result obesity.

What causes man boobs?
Probably the biggest misconception about man boobs is that they are purely a result of too much fat. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and hormones too can come into play. This means that weight loss is often not enough to lose man boobs. It’s also a common belief that if a teenager has man boobs he will grow out of them in his twenties. This is by no means true and they often carry mean breasts well into adult hood.

So what do we mean by hormones coming into play? Some men can have an increased level of estrogen the female hormone and a decreased testosterone levels this is called Gynecomastia. If this is the case, other methods are required perhaps in addition to fat loss in order to lose the man boobs.

Getting Rid of Man Boobs
For a large percentage of males the man boob problem will have stemmed from Gynecomastia. There is no Gynecomastia cure as such, more so treatments which range from drugs and gels to surgery. Male breast reduction through surgery is an option that should be considered only after other options are exhausted. Any type of surgery, namely major cosmetic surgery will come with its fair share of complications including scarring at a high expense.
Man boobs cannot be rid of by spot reduction. This is a myth. If anything, strength training on the chest may make the problem worse if you build muscle under the already existing fat and breast tissue, worsening the appearance of the problem.

If you want to reduce fat in the chest area then fat must be removed from all areas of the body via intense exercise and strict diet. Different people carry fat differently, so a man may have to do quite a lot of exercise and dieting to get his fat percentage quite low before he loses fat from his chest area. Therefore, adopting methods that result in healthy and efficient fat loss through exercise and diet is crucial.

Ways to Lose Man Boobs
If you’re starting to notice your man boobs then it the rht time to adjust your diet. Once men start getting closer to 30 the metabolism that kept us from growing beautiful man bosoms when we were younger starts to slack on us a little bit. It’s time to stop with the meat and potatoes diet. Drink less beer, for sure, and stop eating sweets if you want to get rid of man boobs. If you’re serious about getting rid of man boobs, you’re going to start cardio-aerobic exercises ASAP. After a certain age men tend to build up fat that starts to look like boobs. When your body loses or burns fat, it does so in a global sense; that is, it doesn’t just reduce fat in one area, but all areas. What’s the quickest way to convert fat to energy? Aerobic exercises like running, cross-country skiing, and biking are the best way to lose fat and your plump little man boobies.

Weight Lifting
The first exercise you’ll want to focus on is the incline bench press. Most gyms have a machine that focuses specifically on your upper chest; this is the incline press machine. A greater amount of muscle mass in the upper chest will tighten some of that flab around the nipples. Remember that building muscle mass with a weight training regiment requires fewer reps with greater weight. Working the lower chest, shoulders, and upper back are good things to focus on if you want to reduce the appearance of your man boobs. Building mass around the lower chest will make your boobs look more like Conan’s man pecs than Grandma’s sagging womanhood. Building muscle in the shoulders and the upper back will also stretch and tighten the skin of the upper torso on a whole, so work on building greater muscle mass up there as well as on your chest.

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