Do you like cereals?

Do you like cereals? If you answer, “YES” then I would recommend you visit the newest Cerealicious branch in the cinema level of Robinson’s Galleria Mall. They serve our favorites cereals with a twist that cereal lovers would like.

Cereals has been apart of the Filipino breakfast for a long time now, it gives us energy and protein. From children who is always in a rush to go to school, and young adult that is on a diet. But this new concept that the Cerealicious team has introduce to the Philippines market has made me look at my cereals in a new way. With a variety of choices are there menus like the Cereal Blockbuster, Milkshakes and even Cereal meals.

[ad#234×60-half-banner]Cerealicious offer a variety of cereal mix that will blow your mind away and budget friendly. Giving you a wide selection of choices, from shake, ice cream and cereal on a cup that you can eat while walking or window-shopping inside your favorite mall.

Last Saturday, they held an event that gave us a chance to create our own blockbuster mix. As a reward, they will add it to their menu for two months if it places within the top 3 choices. Dianne’s creation (combination of KOKO crunch, Kit-Kat, Walnut, and Choco syrup) placed in the top 3, and we called it as Crunch-former (Transformer).

For more details:
Unit 203, 2/F Remedios Building,
#55 Roces Avenue, Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City.
Telefax: (02) 413-8320
Mobile: 0917-7954481

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