Core Stability by Indo Board

What is an Indo Board? An Indo Board primarilly is a board used to practice surfing skills indoor, but new ways are developed to use the Indo Board. One of the advantages of using it is it strengthen your core muscles. This is the main topic that was discussed by Indo Board creator Hunter Joslin, last Saturday at Plyo Sport.

Your core muscles – the abdominal and lower back muscles – provide the body with energy and support, and form the foundation for an enhanced athletic performance. When you work on developing your core muscles, your leg muscles will have a stronger anchor point and consequently it will enable you to run at full strength. All force generated by upper and lower body musculature either originates, is stabilised by or is transferred through the trunk and low torso.

[ad#234×60-half-banner]Participants in the event tried using the Indo Board, I to tried and just by forcing myself to be stable build me up a sweat. I can feel the build up in my lower thigh, ads muscle, and my posture began to be on a proper position to maintain balance. I coauld say that just by standing and keeping your balance for a whole 15mins this would have given me a complete lower body workout.

In some part of the US, the Indo Board is being introduse as a PE exercise. In my opinion, it’s a good idea rather than just letting kid go play sports without developing their core muscle properly.

I’m convinced that using the Indo Board is a practical way to develop and maintains my core muscle. I’m planning to get one and for those interested to get one. Aloha Boardsports Inc. is the exclusive distributor, please call +63 (2) 899-7332 or visit Aloha Boardsports at Level R3, Power Plant Mall, Makati City.

Also visit the official site of the Indo Board:

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