7/11 Sausage Muffin for Breakfast

In the past couple of years, 7/11 is where I go for my breakfast for a 7/11 shop is just beside the lobby of the building where I worked. I [...]

Opportunities Open up with BPO in the Philippines

With the boom of the BPO industry in the Philippines, a lot have change that we may have not notice but surely change our normal living. Wha [...]

Pie Face PH: A Slice of Australia

The Pie Face PH is an Australian base restaurant that serves fresh baked pies for pie lover a like. The Pie Face PH shop is recently new at [...]

BibingKinitan Rice Cake: A Native Pasalubong

Last week before going home I stop by at SM Angono Center to send a parcel. After doing so I stop at the Bibingkinitan shop and ordered a bo [...]

Pork McRibs Deluxe of McDo

I had a chance to try out the new Pork McRibs Deluxe of McDo and it is not bad. Though its the barbecue sauce that is the star for this mea [...]

Pinto Art Museum : A Place for Art and Family

Last weekend my kids and I went to Pinto Art Museum for an art appreciation day as my eldest explained it. She specifically asked/demanded t [...]

Collecting 7,107 Smiles from the Philippines S$20 at a Time

I have seen a lot of smile online but a friend of mine is collecting them from his customer/client providing affordable service to only trav [...]

Tanigue Steak with Clara Ole Bechamel White Sauce

After attending the Clara Ole Potluck event last weekend and with all the delicious food that was brought to the potluck gathering. It trig [...]

Have you tried the Calbee Potato Chips

A friend to me that there are Calbee chips available at a convenience store at the ground floor of our office building. So Ian and I went do [...]
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