Alaminos’ Goat Farm – A Food-tastic Journey to the South Part 4

On our way home, we kept our eyes open for some local delicacies or local spot that we can try and visit.

So when Annalyn saw the Alaminos’ signage by the road, we unanimously decide to stop and see what its all about.


Ms. Nancy Reyes Lumen posing in front of the Alaminos’ Goat Farm shop

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Lunch out at Aristocrat San Pablo – A Food-tastic Journey to the South Part 3

After a short stop at the San Pablo City Cathedral we push through to our destination. Its only a few minute drive from the church Aristocrat Restaurant at Ultimart Mall.
Aristocrat San Pablo

Aristocrat San Pablo standy

After navigating along the mall, we found a familiar face welcoming us inside for lunch.  Wait a minute I know her.

It is great to see restaurant using familiar faces that are easy to approach and to talk to.

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